Our Business

VegiGro* is a small family owned business located in Victoria Harbour, Ontario. We manufacture hand crafted wooden garden planters and other outdoor items, constructed from western red cedar and ACQ pressure treated lumber. Our specialty is the raised version of garden planters. At VegiGro* we can also custom design and build planters to your specifications, just let us know what your requirements are. We do not have a store front at this time but feel free to drop by our shop and have a look at what we have made for our online orders. We have been offering our planters for sale since 2019 . If you have purchased one or more of our planters in the past, we would love to have some pictures and reviews sent to us.

Our Garden Planters

VegiGro* Planters are an individually contained raised planter, suitable for growing vegetables, flowers or herbs. Our raised garden planters have a tapered bed that makes efficient use of soil, allowing you to grow deep-rooted plants. Each planter is 36" tall, a height that lets you work comfortably while standing. As the bed is 12" deep, support stakes can be used for tall or heavy plants. On each model, the boards on the bed are spaced to allow good drainage and includes a fabric drainage liner. All the wooden components are made from cedar or ACQ pressure treated wood. Delivery is free up to 35km from Victoria Harbour. Comes fully assembled ready for soil and planting. We offer custom orders to suit your needs, just message us your requirements for a no obligation quote.